Data Management Resource Submit

This page contains information about Data Management Organizations and Standards related resources. We are working to build a complete list of resources on this subject. Please submit link suggestions The Data Management Webmaster if you know of any other resources that can be added to this list.

Featured Resources

  • ANS : American National Standards
  • ISO : International Standards Organization

    Additional Resources

  • Computer and Communications Standards
  • D&B Information -- the DUNS number place
  • DIN : The European Industrial Standard
  • DOT : Dictionary of Occupational Titles : see NTS - National Technical Services

  • ISO : International Standards Organization
  • NAICS : North American Industry Classification System (the future of SIC)
  • ODMG : Object Data Management Group (Object DBMS Standards)
  • SIC : Standard Industrial Classification Code (Pay for software and CD-ROM)
  • Super Directory of Associations
  • UN : United Nations Home Page
  • UCC : Uniform Code Council (Owners of the UPC)
  • WHO : World Health Organization
  • W3C : World Wide Web Consortium

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