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Data modeling is a critical skill for IT professionals including: database administrators (DBAs), data modelers, business analysts and software developers. It is an essential ingredient of nearly all IT projects. Without a data model there is no blueprint for the design of the database.

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is the process of creating and extending data models which are visual representations of data and its organization. The ERD Diagram (Entity Relationship Diagram) is the most popular type of data model. Data models exist at multiple levels including:

  • The Conceptual Data Model describes data from a high level. It defines the problem rather than the solution from the business point of view. It includes entities and their relationships. Typically the conceptual data model is developed first.
  • The Logical Data Model describes a logical solution to a data project. It provides more details than the conceptual data model and is nearly ready for the creation of a database. These details include attributes, the individual pieces of information that will be included. Typically the logical data model is developed second.
  • The Physical Data Model describes the implementation of data in a physical database. It is the blueprint for the database. Typically the physical data model is developed third.

Data Modeling Experts

Additional Data Modeling Resources

  • Agile Data : Scott Ambler, industry expert and author, presents a collection of techniques, such as agile data modeling and database refactoring, which enable data professionals to be effective members of agile software development teams.
  • CASEwise : Suite of data and process modeling tools
  • Computer Associates, Inc. : ERwin Data Modeling Tools - current and legacy
      The ERwin Community edition is a gool tool for learning data modeling.
  • Data Modeling Zone : Steve Hoberman, data modeling expert, presents free data modeling templates and puzzles (Design Challenges), and information on consulting, training, and Steve's two books: Data Modeler's Workbench and Data Modeling Made Simple.
  • Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. : ER/Studio Data Modeling and Database Design Tools
  • Enterprise Integration and Modeling : Excellent Links
  • Excel Software : Software Engineering Tools
  • IBM Corporation : InfoSphere Data Architect
  • InfoAdvisors : Discussion lists for Data Modeling and Logic Works ERWin Users
  • Information Management : Leading Data Management Industry Publication
  • Intellicorp : Family of Modeling Tools
  • MDB (Metadatabase) Research : TSER Data Modeling Tool
    Major sponsors of the research have included Alcoa, Digital, GE, GM, IBM, and the National Science Foundation since 1985.
  • Microsoft Corporation : Numerous Modeling and Development Tools
  • Oracle Corporation : Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (free download)
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner : a business process modeling approach to align business and IT, is an enterprise data modeling and database design solution that helps implement effective Enterprise Architecture and brings a powerful conceptual data model to your application development life cycle.
  • Silwood Technology : Metadata management for SAP/R3
  • SILVERRUN Technologies, Inc. : Data and Process Modeling Software
  • Visible Systems : EasyCase line of CASE tools

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