COBOL Compilers

  • The Cobol Bookstore : A number of our books include Cobol compilers.
    This can be an inexpensive way to obtain a Cobol compiler and learn Cobol.
  • Alchemy Solutions : NetCOBOL - Complete commerical compiler
  • COBOL IT : Commercially supported Open Source COBOL
  • Envyr Corproation
    Interactive COBOL (ICOBOL) : Complete commercial compiler
    VX Cobol for migration of Data General's AOS/VS COBOL
  • Free Software Foundation : COBOL for GCC - a GNU project
  • Gnu COBOL : Open Source COBOL (Formerly Open COBOL)
  • HP : COBOL for VAX and Alpha
    COBOL for VAX and Alpha
    OpenVMS VAX
    OpenVMS Alpha
    Tru64 UNIX
    Windows NT Alpha
    NonStop COBOL (Tandem)
  • IBM COBOL : Complete commercial compilers including Object Cobol
  • The Kompany : KOBOL multi platform COBOL and IDE
  • Micro Focus COBOL : COBOL Compilers and associated software tools
  • Micro Focus Extend : Products acquired from AcuCorp
  • Tiny COBOL : Open Source COBOL - Source Forge (last posted 2011)
  • Unisys : Clearpath Mainframes
  • WATBOL : COBOL from University of Waterloo (Vintage 1983)
  • Veryant : isCOBOL product
  • Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc. : Cobol compatible with Data General ICobol and VSCobol
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