Big Data Analytics Consulting

Analytics is an area where it pays to get some expert advice.  That's where Infogoal comes in.  We can help you identify where your organization is in regards to analytics; perform an assessment of your analytical capabilities; help you to build a roadmap to achieve your analytics goals; and build specific analytical solutions to capitalize on your opportunities.

Through a combination of research and experience we have built processes and tools that can save you time; produce effective results; and avoid expensive mistakes.  Not only do we use patterns and checklists that have been found effective for many organizations; we also do extensive research into your specific industry and organization that result in recommendations that support the goals of you and your organization.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

How mature is your analytics environment? Shrewd Data can help you to find out. We can help you to identify your priorities; determine the maturity of your capabilities; and then identify gaps so that they can be addressed in a follow on analytics roadmap

Analytics Roadmap

The Analytics Roadmap provides a step by step approach to achieving success. The Roadmap will identify how to close gaps found in the Analytics Maturity Assessment and will include: a step by step plan to get the right people; right processes; right tools; and right data to solve your analytics needs

Analytics Solution Acquisition

Specific analytical solutions can help you to capitalize on opportunities, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Examples include: campaign management, risk management, customer segmentation and employee selection.