Mainframe Analytics

Mainframe Big Data Analytics Impact

large_mainframe_wpclipart_533x619The mainframe,  a high capacity computer that is part of the IBM zSeries line, offers many strengths that make it a major player in the big data and analytics field.  First, the mainframe is where much of the data and transactions are hosted.  Research shows that approximately 77 percent of all financial transactions are processed using mainframes.  Second, the mainframe offers high performance and scalability.  Third, the mainframe offers accessibility and security.

Despite these strengths, the has weaknesses.  First, the mainframe has an image problem - people see it as old fashion. Second, there is a lack of a skilled work force.  Younger computer professionals are attracted to newer technologies:  cloud, mobile, web and advanced programming languages while, the baby boomer generation is retiring.  Finally, the mainframe ecosystem has a distinct set of technologies.

Mainframe Answer to Analytics Needs