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Cobol Converter

A source code module converting between different record layouts and field types or quickly generating an xml document or soap message.
Mainframe, Unix, iSeries, and Windows data manipulation tool that can transfer information between different record layouts and field types, convert between ASCII and EBCDIC, little endian and big endian, or quickly generate an XML document (or SOAP message) without the need for a schema, DTD, or even a sample XML file. It does all that by utilizing the regular COBOL record definitions. It also allows to process AND output EBCDIC data on a ASCII machine, big endian on a little endian machine and vice-versa. It is written in COBOL and distributed in source code, so it can seamlessly integrate with all your legacy systems.
Vendor Name: Kosla Solutions
Business Size: Small Business
Platform(s): All COBOL platforms; written in COBOL 85
Tags:   Mainframe - COBOL    data converter    data migration tool    COBOL converter    ASCII to EBCDIC    big endian to little endian
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