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There are many Internet sites that provide information about Data Management: Data Management/Data Administration, Database Technology, Data Warehouse and Data Mart, Business Process Improvement, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and E-Commerce. The Data Management Center brings that information together so that you will not need to cruise all over the Web to find it. Practical help is what you will find here.

Infogoal Launches Data Warehousing Tutorial

For those who would like to educate themselves on data warehousing, Infogoal has sponsored an extensive Data Warehousing Tutorial. These data warehousing and business intelligence tutorial articles will help you to:

  • Understand what Data Warehousing is, its goals, and its components
  • Know the top Data Warehousing terms
  • Understand how to benefit from Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Be positioned to learn more about Data Warehousing
  • You will better understand: 

  • HOW TO plan and organize a successful data warehouse project
  • HOW TO get the right people involved in the project
  • HOW TO determine warehouse business requirements
  • HOW TO choose between a data warehouse and data mart
  • HOW TO create a data warehouse data model
  • HOW TO load the data warehouse
  • HOW TO select data going into the data warehouse
  • HOW TO avoid traps and pitfalls
  • HOW TO present information to users
  • HOW TO manage the ongoing data warehouse
  • These topics address the full life cycle, from starting the project to on going operations. more...

    SQL Tutorial

    Infogoal, publisher of the Data Manaagement Center and other computer related information websites announces the release of a new website that focuses on SQL. Visitors will be able to learn SQL through straight forward examples as well as see the syntax of SQL statements. more...

    IRM UK Data Europe Conferences

    IRM UK, specialists in strategic IT training, in partnership with its business partners has put together an impressive schedule of European IT conferences which include:
  • Business Process Management Conference Europe
  • Business Analysis Conference London
  • Data Management & Information Quality Conference
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Conference
  • Data Governance Conference
  • Master Data Management Summit
  • Enterprise Architecture Conference

    These are very promising conferences. more...

    Getting the IT Mix Right

    InformationWeek - Steven Marlin Show how Portfolio Management can help to determine the the right mix of IT projects. more...

    Data Governance Summit

    DebTech LLC, a company specializing in Data Governance, and Wilshire Conferences are hosting a Data Governance conference that will provide unique opportunities to interact with industry leaders. The conference will be held on June 17-20, 2013 in San Diego, Califoniaa. Anne Marie Smith and Robert S. Seiner will be key presentors. more...

    Data Management Resource Directory

    Data Management Center, has built an extensive directory of over numerous data management resources. This has proved to be a very useful directory. more...
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