COBOL Web Development

  • Aberdeen Group / Sirius Software : The Case for Web Enablement by Mainframe Upgrade
  • Alchemy : NetCobol(tm) works with Java Applications
  • Canam Software Labs
      XML Thunder - a visual XML designer and code generator for creating XML data handling COBOL program code.
  • COBOL GoldMine : Tutorial on COBOL and the Web
  • COBOL XML Workshop : Includes example COBOL programs using XML including COBOL XML Parser
  • eBiz : eBusiness Glossary
  • England Technical Services, Inc. : a number of tools Cobol including:
    Cobol-RPC (Remote Program Call)
    Cobol-CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  • Forecross : XML for COBOL
  • GUI Innovations : Example Code Talking COBOL on HPe3000 via TCP/IP (Web-to-Legacy Communications)
  • Hallogram : StingRay Web Enable Toolkit
  • IBM COBOL : Web based solutions
  • Jacada : Universal Interface Layer for New and Legacy COBOL Applications
    Website has numerous case studies
  • LegacyJ : Enterprise JavaBeans and XML with COBOL
  • Maas : XML4COBOL - XML Parser for COBOL
  • Micro Focus : NetExpress includes OOCobol as well as Client/Server and Internet/Intranet development.
  • Netron : Web Legacy Applications
  • Transoft : Component Builder Generates COBOL Components for e-Business
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