This is your gateway to thousands of COBOL and mainframe jobs and opportunities. Jobs you can find include: COBOL programmer, mainframe programmer, COBOL developer, COBOL consultant, mainframe programmer/analyst and assembler programmer.

COBOL and Mainframe Resume

Build a resume that shows your COBOL skills and strengths. Place your job objective "COBOL" at the beginning of the resume. It may help to include a specific platform such as "COBOL Programmer in the IBM Mainframe Environment". Emphasize your acomplishments and results rather than list responsibilites. Use the "PAR" pattern (Problem Action Result) such as "When I became responsible for the Framis System nightly crashes and errors were the norm; I restructured the system resulting in reliable operation. Also include words that identify your skillset: COBOL, mainframe, assembler, z/OS, MVS, AS400, Unix, JCL, CICS, DB2, IMS, and VSAM.

COBOL and Mainframe Job Search

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